Flying at Bukit Jugra

The Jugra Hill is located south west of KL. It is a nice hill in otherwise completely flat area. The take-off is suitable for south or south-west wind. I have been there at end of November (during the north-east monsoon) and it is flyable but the wind was too weak for soaring in the morning and in the afternoon clouds quickly developed into the storms. The take-off is located at N2 50.131 E101 25.051 (altitude 125m) and is accessible by car via the road to the radar (along the cemetery). Park on the top and walk around the fence to the take off. The landing is at N2 49.870 E101 24.873 (20m altitude). Both are large and comfortable even for beginners.

view from the take off

I have been told this about the local rules:
"At Jugra we do have a blanket NOTAM for all weekends until the end of November (2006), when a new one would be filed. Be at site, give the tower a call, and fly away, as long as you stay below 2000ft AGL, and within 2nautical mile radius of the take off. Give the tower another call upon completion of the day." It is best to check with the locals at this yahoo group.

The easiest way to get there from KL if you do not have a car is to take the commuter from KL Sentral to Klang (not the Port Klang!). After walking out of the train station turn right and walk to the flyover, turn left and follow it for about 500 m to the bus terminal from which you can take a bus to Banting. The only reasonable way of transportation to Bukit Jugra from Banting is a taxi. They have a stand right next to the bus terminal and it is good to arrange pick up from Jugra on the way there. If you happen to be there during weekend you may meet some of the local pilots that are very friendly and helpful.

It is a good idea to pack extra bottle of water or perhaps something to eat as there is no chance to get anything at Bukit Jugra itself. The photos are here.
Jiri, Feb 28th