Opet Andrlak

Letos se proste lita i v zime, i kdyz ona ta zima uz docela konci. Vcera chodily i trimetrove stoupacky. Termicka sezona uz tedy zacala. Fota zde.

Po dlouhe dobe - Andrlak

Zatim asi nejpeknejsi litani v zime. Fota zde.

Prvni jarni Grappa

Tak opet trochu opozdene ale jaro letos zacalo opravdu brzy.
Jiri, Apr 20th


Pulrok nachylil, nejvyssi cas dodat nejake aktualni fota :-)
Jiri, Apr 20th

Jugra 2007 Paragliding Open

Finally I found some time and added some comments and pictures from the Jugra 2007 Paragliding Open. The photos are here and the text is here.
Jiri, June 25th

Paragliding in Indonesia

I just came back from a nice paragliding trip to West Sumatra. Pictures are added and some comments will come as soon as I find time to add them.
Jiri, June 23rd


27 April to 02 May 2007. Pedas is a small village situated 60km south of Kuala Lumpur and 20km from Seremban. Interested contact Basir Hj.Abd.Rahman at paramotor@myjaring.net. Closing date is on 01 March 2007!
Jiri, Jan 10th

Paragliding in Malaysia

Ok paragliding in Malaysia is possible and there is a very helpful yahoo group. The guys fly all over Malaysia and in neighbouring countries as well. The take off locations have their seasons so contact the list members for info. I was told that around December Jugra may be ok so I tried it for a weekend.
Jiri, Nov 19th

Paragliding in south-east Asia

Well I would really like to put some exciting comments here but unfortunatelly Singapore is one of the worst places to live in if you like free flying. The amount of civilian as well as military trafic, the size of this island and the absence of hills make it a paraglider's migthmare.

The only possibility I know so far about is to fly in neighbouring countries. The most convenient seems to be Malaysia, but so far I have not been succesfull finding anybody or any good locations there. If you know more than me please drop me a line.

Jiri, Jul 23rd